Cotton Candy Service


Cotton Candy Service will bring a smile to your guests regardless of their age. Bring that extra magic and whimsy to your event. Great for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, grand openings, fundraisers, and corporate events. 

Service includes:

* attendant to make and serve cotton candy

* up to two flavors (watermelon and blue raspberry are the favorites)

* cotton candy served on a paper cone

* bags available for guests to take home/save their cotton candy

* up to 60 served an hour (can add on pre-bagged cotton candy to serve additional guests an hour)



$150 hour (can add on to another service, or just cotton candy service booked is a minimum of 3 hours)

$75 1/2 hour (one flavor only, serves up to 30 guests, must add to another service)

$2.50 each (pre-bagged can be added on to hourly or 1/2 hour service to serve more guests in time allotted, or just purchase of cotton candy pre-bagged there is a minimum order of 60 with a delivery fee of $35)

Fundraiser: We will provide cotton candy service on site and also provide pre-bagged cotton candy. You can set sale price we suggest $4 or $5 each. We will make cotton candy, sell it for you, and collect money. Our fee is $2.50 a cotton candy sold with a 2 hour event minimum and estimated 150+ guests/attendee count. (if your event is less than two hours or 150 people you may purchase pre-bagged cotton candy and sell yourself at event for price of your choosing)